Bonsai Flowers & a Touch of Fall Color

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

This photo was taken to emphasis the flowers, rather than the tree. If you were to take a photo of this tree when it’s not in flower, you’d take it a from a point a little lower to better show the powerful trunk and nebari. Sometimes photos just seem to appear on my desktop without any reference. This is the case here, so my apologies for failure to attribute this multi-hued Satsuki azalea to its rightful owner Entering the second week of a two week vacation. Today it’s the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We’re experiencing unusual wet, grey and cool weather (the remnants of hurricane Rosa) in a part of the world where you’d expect 80F and sunny this time of year. Anyway, in order to experience something akin to an actual vacation, we’re going to dig back into our archives. This one originally appeared in Jan, 2016. It’s in keeping with our current color theme, though today it’s mostly spring instead of fall color   Got a strange old pot lying around that just won’t work with any of your trees? Here’s Michael Hagedorn’s solution. We’ll call it Narcissus in a bonsai-ish pot.   This colorful tree-pot match is from our 2014 bonsai calendar. There aren’t a lot of trees that can handle such a brilliant pot. Judging by the berries and the bark, I’d say it’s a Japanese winterberry (Ilex serrata). While we’re on the topic of calendars, this is from our brand new 2019 Japanese Bonsai Calendar.…

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