Staying on Theme – Fall Bonsai Color

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

In addition to brilliant fall color, this Trident maple has almost everything you’d want in a bonsai; a massive trunk, fluid natural looking nebari, good lines, a well-matched pot and healthy green moss. The artist is German Gomez. Still on what I call a vacation. Family friends, hiking, eating, drinking (in moderation of course) and only four hours of work a day instead of eight. Close enough. The photos shown here first appeared on Bark way back in 2010. I’ve changed most of the text We knew our New Tie Pots would be well received  but we had no idea just how well  Our second shipment of 55 sold out in three days Don’t despair though, we’ve got larger shipment (110) due in 2 to 3 weeks You can order yours now for first come first serve shipping Looks like this photo was shot in mid to late spring. The traces of fresh spring red on some leave are a giveaway ROSHI TOOL SPECIAL  Our 30% OFF LIST ROSHI TOOL SPECIAL IS ROLLING ALONG (INCLUDES TOOL KITS & SETS) We love our Roshi Tools & are confident that you’ll be impressed by their precision, durability, beauty & reasonable prices And you’ll love the way they feel when you hold them in your hand Especially when you make your first cut –   

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