Hand Held Bonsai & a Glass of Good Red Wine

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

The leaves are very large in relation to the size of the tree, but this often happens with small bonsai and seems to work. At least in this case and many others I’ve seen. No variety is given, but clearly this is a Japanese maple. I cropped this photo and most of the others shown here for a closer look I like good photos of hand held small bonsai. Mostly because it’s an aesthetically pleasing way to provide scale. A much better effect than a soft drink can (though Suthin’s glass of wine does the job without offending my sensibilities). I borrowed all but the last photo in this post from Hong Kong Bonsai Pots. No varieties or attribution is provided. I’ll give my guess on most of them, but remember they are just guesses. Feel free to offer corrections (it’s best to go to the comments on our fb timeline though if that doesn’t work, you can email me at wayne@stonelantern.com) OUR 30% OFF KOYO JAPANESE TOOL SALE ENDS TOnight (SUNDAY) at 11:59pm edt – A red leaf Japanese maple. I won’t guess the variety   Clearly a pine. Again, I won’t guess the variety   Look like a Needle juniper (J rigida), but don’t take it to the bank. My guesses can be a little shaky   Your guess is as good as mine   The leaves look familiar. Perhaps it’s an Ilex. Going further out on a limb, perhaps it’s a Japanese winterberry (Ilex crenata)?   The uncropped original. All of the original…

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