Prune Your Pines Now—In Early Fall-

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog.

If we’re very busy with fall things like getting kids back to school and thwarting cold weather with insulation, we may have limited time to wire our pines. And yet simply pruning pines in the early fall will greatly enhance the vigor of interior shoots and will likely create new buds. The stronger one prunes, the more buds will form New buds created in the fall will be set up to grow in the spring Spring is not a good time to prune a pine, for the tree will lose time creating new buds and may simply skip that and elongate the buds that are already there Fall pine pruning brings new buds. New buds brings more ramification. More ramification means shorter needles. In short: Fall Pruning = Bonsai Happiness. Japanese Red Pine before fall pruning. Red Pine after fall pruning. Long and strong shoots were removed, leaving the moderate energy shoots and the small ones. And the pine is immediately put back out into the sun. Without full sun for pines, back budding is simply a pipe dream. A bit of background on this particular pine: It has a Ponderosa Pine trunk and was grafted with Japanese Red Pine about 7 years ago. The lime green needles are typical of the light and airy foliage of Red Pine. The choice of Red Pine was determined by the wriggly trunk line that this Ponderosa exhibited. It strongly reminded me of the Red Pines I had seen in Japan, and it was…

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