A Juniper Orchid Bonsai – Michael’s Ingenious Before & After

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Michael Hagedorn’s ingenious Juniper orchid. Here’s part of what Michael wrote about this unlikely creation… “Some of you might remember a quirky Shore Pine that we put on a post in 2017, calling it the first Pine Orchid in the yard. Yesterday this juniper was styled, and it hangs on the neighboring post that supports the shade cloth structure (thank you Bobby Curttright). The juniper is a bit of a Frankenstein” Continuing with American bonsai leading up to the 6th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition (Rochester, NY, September 8th & 9th – it’s not too late to make your plans)… today it’s one by Michael Hagedorn, a long time favorite here on Bark Though Michael expresses profound respect for Bonsai tradition (he studied in Japan for three years where tradition plays a large part in almost everything), he also has an experimental, not-so-traditional side (you might even say zany), as witness by this ‘orchid bonsai’ and other ingenious deviations from bonsai norms BONSAI & GARDEN TOOL SPECIAL ENDS TONIGHT ALL BONSAI TOOLS & GARDEN TOOLS 25% OFF LIST PRICES see below for details   Before. Here’s what Michael started with. And here’s what he wrote… “The trunk is a Rocky Mountain Juniper (thank you Backcountry Bonsai, Steve and Dan) and we it grafted it with itoigawa about 4 years ago. The tree is only about 6″ high, and itoigawa seemed like the right choice for the fineness of the foliage and the small tree size.”   Before & after   Michael likes to plant on thin trays. He…

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