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Source: All Things Bonsai Blog.

I’ve been thinking about water more than normal recently, on account of the lack of it falling from the sky. We over here tend to take it rather for granted, but just a little too much or too little and it occupies the mind quite a bit. Me and Jude seem to have had hosepipes and watering cans welded to our hands for months now. The cycle of watering in the morning and then again in the evening has become automatic. The problem with this is, as a bonsai grower, you shouldn’t really water to a routine. Lots of factors affect how often you need to water. Bigger bonsai trees dry out less quickly than smaller ones. Certain species of bonsai tree require less water than others. Giving the pines too much water for example, doesn’t really bother them but if you overdo it you’ll end up with long needles. The soil mixes that you use dry out at different rates. Humus (brown soil stuff) rich mixes hold a lot of water. More free-draining mixes dry out more quickly. Smaller particle sizes tend to dry out less quickly than larger particles. Trees which are moving towards being pot-bound dry out more quickly, as the amount of root in the pot has increased – soil holds water, so if there is less soil and more root, there is less water retention. Some trees are less fussy. So, it isn’t really a great idea to just to lump water on everything twice…

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