A Bonsai in Hand – a Quick Study on Perspective

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

This Willow left Ficus (Ficus nerifolia) belong to Suthin Sukosolvisit. If you are familiar with this species and know something about its typical leaf size, then you may not be fooled by the presentation. However, if you aren’t familiar with this variety of Ficus, you might imagine that the tree is considerably larger than it is A study in perspective with a nod to pot color. When comes to bonsai photos, perspective can be an issue. This is sometimes solved by contrast with a familiar object.  Suthin, the artist behind the Ficus shown above and below, sometimes uses a can (something I find a little distracting). Or he sometimes uses a hand (a much better choice imho). Or in the case of the photo above, an unfamiliar object that intentionally messes with perspective (I like it!). Continued below… BONSAI AESTHETICS WIRE SPECIAL NEW LOWER KILO PRICES Our Bonsai Aesthetics Wire shipment just arrived we now have every size and weight in stock – A Ficus in hand is worth two on the bench Must be the season for red pots. Questions about the use (or maybe misuse) of red bonsai pots have come up in two recent Bonsai Bark posts   Here, perspective is provided primarily by leaf size. And because you’ve already seen the photo just above   Here’s something I’ve only seen Suthin do; contrast a bonsai with a piece of fruit. The tree is another Willow leaf ficus, but not long after defoliation, so leaf size doesn’t provide that much perspective   Another way…

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