Off to Japan

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: BonTsai Blog.

Today’s the day. What can I say? I guess I feel anxious, a little afraid, but equally excited at the same time. The whole idea of moving to Japan has been pretty surreal. Although I’ve been preparing the past few months it feels like nothing has changed. I’ve been preoccupied with graduating, then moving, followed by a month to spare to tidy loose ends and spend time with loved ones. It took awhile but as I finish packing and write this article reality has set in. FUCK. I guess I’m moving after all lol. In a sense I feel overwhelmed in that there were many thing I’ve been working on and will need to work on in the months to come. But I’m not that bogged down. I’ve been blessed to have a family supportive of my goals and members of the bonsai community who are rooting for me. The opportunity to challenge myself and put my all in a passion ain’t a bad motivator as well. But I’m only at the start of the road. There’s a lot set before me I’ll need to accomplish before I can call myself a bonsai professional. But I’m hopeful and will try my best to move forward from here. It’s been quite a hiatus since I posted any bonsai work or events so I’d thought I share some developmental work on a ficus I squeezed in yesterday: Tree in 2014: 2016, after ground layering for new nebari: Tree defoliated and cut back…

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