Trident Maple Bonsai in a Well Chosen Pot

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Sweet! I thought you might like to see this. It’s Carl Morrow’s Trident maple in a very well chosen and appropriately sized pot (Carl sent photos in an email, so no links) Last week we featured a Robert Steven critique of a Trident maple that belongs to Carl Morrow (Size Matters & Small Is Beautiful). It was a repost of a one we originally did in September, 2010. Carl took Robert’s advice and repotted the tree into a smaller pot, though not the same pot Robert used in his simulation (it’s hard to find simulated pots!). As it turns out, I think this one is a better choice. BTW, Robert did make other important suggestions that also influenced Carl’s treatment of the tree Speaking of Repotting FALL POTTING SEASON BONSAI SOIL SPECIAL  40% off list on Gallon Bags of Soil & Soil Ingredients – Closeup of the trunk and nebari   Carl’s before shot and Robert’s simulation (from 2010 and reposted last week). It makes sense that Robert would create a smaller version of the same pot. The important point is choosing a pot that emphasizes the tree rather than distracting from it, and size is one of the keys FAMOUS ROSHI TOOL SPECIAL 30% OFF LIST PRICES FOR CARBON STEEL TOOLS 40% OFF LIST PRICES FOR STAINLESS STEEL TOOLS Roshi Tools are famous for  precision, durability, beauty and very reasonable prices STONELANTERN.COM – FREE Shipping on Continental U.S. orders 75.00 or more but only if you choose free shipping when you check…

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