Bonsai, Before & After – Evolution & Elevation of a Native Scots Pine

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Jan Culek’s caption for this yamadori pine reads… “Evolution of native Czech Sylvestris pine between the years 2013-2017.” In English  Pinus sylvertris is commonly called Scots pine. Jan makes no mention of the slab pot or the deadwood stand that supports it Here’s one more post featuring the bonsai of Jan Culek. It’s an unusual before and after of a yamadori Scots pine. The tree itself is distinctive enough and shows off Jan’s skills, but I think it’s the deadwood underneath the tree that that elevates the bonsai and causes the whole presentation to stand out (if you suffer from fear of puns, please accept my apologies – twice!) BONSAI AESTHETICS TOOL SPECIAL ENDS TONIGHT 40% OFF LIST PRICES INCLUDes TOOL KITS, SETS & ROLLS special ends tonight, Sunday, at 11:59pm EDT – Before and after, with tiny companion  Before, closeup. The pot is similar to the one in the after shot. Perhaps they were both made by Erik Križovenský (the same Erik Križovenský that made the rocks in our first Jan Culek post) but that’s just a guess MEANWHILE OUR ROSHI TOOL SPECIAL ROLLS ON  30% OFF LIST PRICES FOR CARBON STEEL TOOLS 40% OFF LIST PRICES FOR STAINLESS STEEL TOOLS Roshi Tools are famous for  precision, durability, beauty and very reasonable prices STONELANTERN.COM – FREE Shipping on Continental U.S. orders 75.00 or more but only if you choose free shipping when you check out     Jan Culek – Czech Republic

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