New Book: ‘Bonsai Heresy’

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog.

This book has been in the works for some years now. To those who were aware of this and have been asking ad nauseam when it will be done, I now have an answer. Soon. Bonsai Heresy is about the myths of common bonsai technique and thought. The book recounts some of my past misdeeds, looks into our group fallacies, and works to correct the most ill-advised of these techniques and ideas using the tools of tradition, science, common sense, and embarrassing stories. The book has over 50 chapters of technical and aesthetic myths, including some half-correct ones like ‘Choose the front first’ and ‘Pigeon breasts are naughty’, lays out the debunking science behind B1 and other chemical additives, offers new thoughts in such debates as ‘Any soil the nursery industry uses will work fine for bonsai’, ‘Copper wire is for boneheads / Aluminum wire is for sissies’, ‘Bonsai is an art / Bonsai is not an art’, and dives into the myth-laden morasses around using / not using wound sealant, the inner core at repotting time, moss, plant hardiness, sacrifice branches, age in bonsai…and on and on. The choice of chapters was based on topics I’d overheard multiple times and felt were in need correction or clarification. Look for Bonsai Heresy in 2019. No cover for it yet so I can’t offer an image, but imagine something an inquisition wouldn’t like.

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