Feed Your Bonsai (They Don’t Survive on Water, Light and Love Alone)

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Your bonsai may never look like this, but they can be this healthy if you tend to basic care, including ample fertilizing. It’s a Japanese maple that belongs to Walter Pall. Walter lists its height as 75cm (30″) and its age as around thirty years. It was imported from a Korean nursery in 2016. The pot is a Tokoname from Japan. This is not the first time we’ve encouraged you to tend to your bonsai’s nutrient needs, and it won’t be the last. The tree above appeared here on Bark a few months ago. Most of the rest of what you see here is from an old Bark post (March 2010) titled Feed Your Bonsai, with some value added today Discounted Bonsai Fertilizer all of our many fertilizers are now discounted This magnificently robust Willow leaf ficus (Ficus nerifolia) is by Jim Smith of Dura-Stone in Vero Beach Florida (sadly, Jim is now deceased). The photo is from Bonsai Today, issue 61 and was taken by Jim. Your bonsai depend on you Bonsai do not survive on water, light, and love alone. Because most bonsai soil has very low nutritive value (if any), your bonsai depend on you for timely feeding. Feed generously Feed generously if you want your bonsai to thrive (this is especially true of younger trees where rapid growth is desirable – see just below). The best way to do this is frequent moderate doses during the growing season. This is especially true if you use liquid fertilizer. With pellets…

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