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Source: Watto Bonsai Blog.

A few months ago I started to learn how to make bonsai pots. Well I can tell you I am not a real potter as I’m only just a beginner, but the thing that stands out for me is how difficult it is to make good quality pots. It looks easy on youtube but I can assure you it is much more difficult than it looks, and good quality end products are a combination of good skills, good ideas, good processes and a tiny bit of luck. It also takes a long time to see the finished products – the initial making (manufacture); drying time; first firing; glazing and then the second firing. Its many weeks from start to finish for all pots and sometimes the waiting is the most difficult part, for me anyway. There is of course a BUT, and the but is that clay is a wonderful medium and the whole procedure is great fun with an end produce that is usable. Enough talking, here are a few of the earliest pots. There are many issues or problems with them but I am just beginning. First ever pot out of the kiln A rock pot And something a bit more abstract Over time I hope to post many more pots that I have made but that will depend on my Oyakata.

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