Less Is Enough

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

A whole lot of tree to fit into such a small pot. It’s looks like a field grown Shimpaku juniper that was raised to look like it was collected in the wild. Most of the collectable Shimpaku (and other desirables) are long since gone from the wilds of Japan. This photo is titled ‘Shugaten 2013 – Tokyo Ueno,’ which was a Shohin Bonsai Exhibtion in 2013 that was held in Tokyo. Guillaume Billaud posted it. Stuck somewhere between enjoying a holiday week and trying to do just enough work to keep the ball rolling. I started out today to put together a new before and after post, but it got too complicated and I’ve got some thirsty plants that are beginning to wilt in yet another day of a colossal (for Vermont anyway) heatwave. So sticking with our small and tiny bonsai trend, we’ll take the quick and easy way back to our archives (November, 2013). SUMMER BONSAI BOOK SPECIAL 25% to 75% off list on All Books choose from our vast selection, including difficult to find books and books found only at Stone Lantern – Shohin Pyracantha with yellow berries. A couple things jump out. First are the luminous berries (without these, I’m not sure we’d bother). The other thing that jumps out is the funkyness of the roots-turned-lower-trunk. Exposing roots so they become part of the trunk is common practice. In some cases it works, in other cases less so. You can be the judge. The tree belongs to Edson Cordeiro who lives in Brazil. It’s from a…

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