Colorful Early Summer Bonsai

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Source: Valavanis Bonsai Blog.

SMOKE TREE During my Open Workshops on Friday and Saturday Harvey Carapella brought his Smoke Tree, Cotinus coggygria,bonsai to share and be photographed. He has been training this bonsai for many decades. This plant is not commonly trained for bonsai, or in the landscape as well. The Purple smoke tree is much more commonly used in the landscape because of the purple foliage. There is also a Golden smoke tree, but I have discovered it is not too vigorous in a container. September 2016 Harvey’s Smoke tree bonsai was featured on the front cover of the 1986/NO. 1 issue of International BONSAImagazine. He is the art director and also designs the magazine. Harvey purchased the tree in 1975 for $1.00 and it has been completely container grown for its entire life. This bonsai was a much taller and had a different elegance, but the top suddenly died. He then allowed the Smoke tree to grow and created an entire new dynamic bonsai from the lower living branch. Many shrubby species are not long lasting and the wood often rots. Therefore design options must always be considered.     EASTERN WHITE CEDAR Harvey Carapella also brought one of his collected Eastern White Cedars, Thuja occidentalisfor refinement during my Open Workshop. Actually another name for this species is American arborvitae, but that name does not sound as exotic as “Eastern White Cedar.” Harvey and did an excellent job refining and trimming the bonsai, he always does. It is not easy to create…

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