Bonsai Waterfalls & Strange Beasts

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Not technically a cascading bonsai, but the foliage does cascade down along the trunk. Almost like a waterfall. Speaking of the trunk, not only does it express more than enough power and grace, but the way the grooved deadwood at the base of the trunk twists around behind and pops out again toward the top adds a nice touch. The tree is listed as Pemphis which is a genus of tropical plants. The species isn’t given but when it comes to bonsai Pemphis usually (always?) mean Pemphis acidula Today’s featured artist, Trang Jira lives in Bangkok, Thailand. His trees are unique and unlike most of the trees we show, they don’t owe that much to the Japanese bonsai tradition.* They may be closer to Chinese Penjing, but to my eye they stand on their own NEW KILO BONSAI WIRE SPECIAL 16.95 per roll ONLY 14.95 each for 3 or more rolls – Though I like all of what I’ve seen of Trang Jira’s trees, this one, with its clean simple lines is a winner. The tree is a clump style Casuarina with a very impressive nebari. Casuarina is a genus. No species is given   Reclining bonsai. It’s another Pemphis   A little more conventional* than the others, but the strong undulating trunk with its textured bark is still pretty impressive. It’s one of the numerous species in the Diospyios genus. Trang Jira doesn’t say which   Stacked. The trunks and the foliage pads seem to mirror each other. It’s another Pemphis   Close up of the pads and strange beast sticking out on the right. Can’t decide if…

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