A Different Kind of Root-over-Rock

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

A strange sort of root-over-rock. You might imagine that it started more or less like other root overs, but because the rock is so small, the roots grew under it and pushed it up, while also growing around one side and creating a firm grip on the rock. Though I originally thought the result might simply be an happy accident, upon reflection I think it was the intention of the original artist 40 to 50 years ago.* It’s just too perfect the way most of the rock, particularly the bowl is left uncovered and even emphasized. Like so many root-over-rock bonsai, the tree is a Trident maple Continuing with our Root-over-rock theme from the last two days. The photos and some of the text featured here are from Peter Tea’s blog ( August, 2012). Peter has been featured several times here on Bark.  Peter Tea is a very good story teller and the story that goes with this tree is no exception. We’ll offer a taste here and if you’d like you can read it all and see some more photos on Peter’s blog Continued below… Bonsai Fertilizer now 30% off list price most people underfeed their bonsai ample feeding during he growing season is important to the development and health of your bonsai – Close up. Such a unique look. The rock is well chosen with it’s mini pond (for small birds and other critters to grab a drink?) and the nebari might be best describe as gnarly. Or maybe gnarled? Or both. Continued from above in Peter’s own words…

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