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Source: Watto Bonsai Blog.

Ivy is an unusual subject for bonsai and probably quite underrated. Older specimens have good trunks, they are evergreen, are relatively disease free, they flower, and subsequently fruit, come in a few varieties and with regular trimming good formations can be realised. My Ivy is about 80 years old and as such has a great trunk (in my opinion) and when I dug it was a variegated variety. While it still has some variegated foliage, I did remove a reasonable portion of it some years ago as it looked too “plastic”. The reason for the post is to show the fruit for this season which has been prolific. The apex The apex shows some of the fruit which pokes out from the foliage mass. Close up of the fruit The fruit looks cute, almost grape like, but after the photo shoot I cut all the fruit off and disposed of it as this plant can become an environmental nuisance if it escapes into the natural bush. A look at a variegated section And one for size comparison

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