Bonsai Empire The Advanced Bonsai Course review

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Tony Tickle Bonsai Blog.

Part 1 of Advanced Bonsai Course A simple look at the internet shows quite clearly that there is an army of so-called “professionals” and “teachers” out there – those whose ability to switch on a camera and make YouTube recordings of themselves butchering a tree far surpasses their actual Bonsai knowledge, skill and teaching prowess. So how do you recognise a good Sensei, Master or Teacher? Just as you trust a recognised name in anything you buy you must do the same when choosing an online bonsai course. Two of the biggest names in Bonsai have collaborated on producing an Advanced Bonsai Course, Bjorn Bjorholm and Bonsai Empire have put together an exceptional course for intermediate and advanced learning. I consider $69.99 for lifetime access with no membership incredible value for money. I have been working with bonsai for over 30 years but still, I found this course to be informative, educational and enlightening. Perhaps the most valued aspects of this course are the detail video coverage and execution of techniques. I particularly liked the approach grafting as I have not seen anyone go into the level of detail as shown on this course. This is the Advanced course and Bjorn does refer back to the Intermediate course on a few occasions so it’s worthwhile subscribing on that too! Course highlights – Advanced techniques – including grafting, heavy bending, detail wiring, nebari development, applying moss for display – Wide selection of tree-species, in different stages of development – Background information…

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