Advanced Bonsai Course

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bjorn Bjorholm Bonsai Blog.

We’ve been working behind-the-scenes for months now with our good friends at Bonsai Empire to put together our latest online bonsai tutorial, the Advanced Bonsai Course, which we are proud to announce has just launched today!   Enroll Here!   The Advanced Bonsai Course is the third installment of our online tutorial series (The Bonsai Beginner and Bonsai Intermediate Courses being its predecessors).  The Advanced Bonsai Course features four distinct sections – Philosophy, Aesthetics & Design, Techniques, and Display, each of which builds upon the others to provide a well-rounded, in-depth look at bonsai art and design. The Philosophy section dives deep into the nuances of what the word bonsai actually means, both its etymology and deeper philosophical implications.  Additionally, this section discusses the notion of bonsai as art.  It was my goal with this particular section of the tutorial to build a more detailed, nuanced understanding of bonsai, not just as trees in pots, but as living entities with which we as humans share a common genetic lineage and thus a solidarity unique to bonsai art.   The Aesthetics & Design section further builds on the philosophy of bonsai by discussing environmental, cultural, and historical influences on bonsai art and design.  I have always been fascinated with these influential factors on the modern manifestation of bonsai art in Japan and wanted to present an in-depth look at each in this section.  Knowing why and from where design aspects arose/arise and the epistemology of our beliefs surrounding aesthetics and design…

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