The Best of DC – Our National Bonsai Treasure

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

This Sargent juniper (Aka Shimpaku) resides at the U.S. National Bonsai and Penjing Museum. It was donated by Doug Paul, owner of the Kennett Collection. This photo and the others shown here, were taken and generously offered by Robert Vitale. The plant varieties and names of the donors are courtesy ofJanice Vitale and Michael James  It’s time to sing the praises of our National Bonsai and Penjing Museum, one of our true national treasures and a great place to visit next time you’re in or around DC.  And just in case you’re not familiar with our bonsai collection (it belongs to all of us), maybe these photos can serve as a brief introduction.  50% off Bonsai Book Special Ends Tonight see below – The following is from our friend Felix Laughlin, President of the National Bonsai Foundation…  “We are delighted to announce that the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum has been named the “Best Place to Take an Out-of-Towner” in Washington City Paper‘s Best of D.C. 2018 awards. Thanks to everyone who voted and helped spread the word about the national bonsai collection. We look forward to seeing you (and your out-of-town visitors) at the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum very soon.” – Closeup of Sedum in Rock Penjing “Li Jiang river in Spring.” Donated by the Shanghai Botanical Garden. This iconic Japanese White Pine ‘Miyajima’ was donated by Daizo Iwasaki, one of the world’s great bonsai benefactors. Iwasaki sama passed away in 2011.   Closeup of a Japanese White pine, that was gifted to Nancy Reagan by Hassan…

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