50% Bonsai Book Special Ends Wednesday Night – 30% off Special Also Ends

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

This luscious Satsuki azalea is one of a multitude of remarkable bonsai photos from the very aptly named, Fine Bonsai, Art and Nature – Now on Special There’s a method to our madness. All these spectacular photos we’ve posted for your enjoyment are from some of our large selection of bonsai books that we offer and all our books are currently on special. Stone Lantern and Haskill Creek Publishing books are 50% off list prices and all other books are 30% off. Our books on Japanese Gardening and related topics are also 30% off . 50% off Bonsai Book Special Ends Tomorrow Night 30% off Other Books Also Ends 50% off list on Stone Lantern & Haskill Creek Publishing Books 30% off list on All Other Books Specials end Wednesday, May 9 at 11:59pm EDT   50% off our Pine Book My guess is that this is one of the very best and most famous full cascade bonsai in the world. It’s from the Black pine gallery in our Masters’ Series Pine Book. Now 50% off. List price 34.95 – Now Only 17.45   A piece of the cover of Francois Jeker’s excellent, one-of-a-kind book. List price 24.75 – Now Only 17.45    50% off our Juniper Book The cover tree from our Masters Series Juniper book. List price 29.95 – Now 50% off – Only 14.95 Windswept Japanese white pine tray planting from Zhao Qingquan’s remarkable book, Penjing, the Chinese Art of Bonsai. In this case, I think the wind is a gentle but persistent…

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