Revisit: Twin Trunk Hemlock on a Nylon Board—

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog.

The last post about a Hemlock suggested that I might as well start a series on revisits from past work to see if they’ve gotten worse with time, stayed the same, or improved. Today we revisit one of the weirder things we’ve done here, putting a tree on a plastic cutting board… At the finish of the day when this Mountain Hemlock went on a nylon slab in March, 2012. The Hemlock in question was collected eons ago when I was a few years younger, and has changed a bit. The main change happened without my input. A borer, or rather four of them, decided to settle down and carve out their dwellings inside the top part of the main trunk. I first noticed a strange discoloring of the foliage in the top part of that trunk in mid-summer, with the needles turning an olive drab. That wasn’t encouraging. When we brought the tree into the studio to remove the dead branches and the bark, I suggested to my then apprentice, Bobby Curttright, that he keep an eye out for borer galleries. And there they were. Flat head borers, already deep into the heartwood, settled down next to their fireplaces and tucked deep into their blankets, snoring with books on their laps and getting ready for a long winter. It was distressing to disturb them. But we did show them the door and now the tree is restyled. I grudgingly admit that with borer-crafted ingenuity this tree is much better designed. I…

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