Growing Pine Bonsai – Bonsai Books 50% & 30% off

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

One of the most famous Japanese white pine (Pinus parviflora) bonsai in the world. After restyling by Masahiko Kimura (aka the Magician). This photo is from the White pine gallery in our Masters’ Series Pine Book. Continuing with our growing Pine bonsai theme… If you would like to grow pine bonsai, a good place to start (and continue) is with our Masters Series Pine book. Especially now with 50% off our Stone Lantern Publishing books. NEW Bonsai Book Special 50% off list on Stone Lantern & Haskill Creek Publishing Books 30% off list on All Other Books See Below   Pine Book Table of Contents Introduction to Japanese White Pines Kimura Transforms a semi-cascade using energy balancing & more Cultivation Balance – Energy balancing and needle reduction Goyomatsu – Balancing and redesigning Kimura Plant Positioning – Nine possibilities, an in depth study The Primary Branch – Selecting the best one Multiple Trunk Bonsai – Three bonsai, three perspectives Rock Planting – From to zuisho Jewell to Whirlpool – Transforming famous old bonsai shari Gallery of Japanese White Pine TOC continued below… Table of Contents continued Introduction to Japanese Black Pines Development of Short Needles – Balancing growth & needle size Creating a Cascade – Styling, balancing & needles Choosing a Pot – Accentuating a tree’s best features Transplanting and Nebari Development Pine from Seed Restyling an Old Tree – Challenges & rewards Gallery of Japanese Black Pines Glossary of Bonsai Terms Glossary of Japanese Bonsai Terms Growing and Styling Japanese Black & White…

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