Bonsai Close Up

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Harry Harrington’s dramatic closeup of a Trident maple root-over-rock by Ian Cuppleditch. Sticking with Harry Harrington. But this time it’s photos he took of other people’s bonsai at the Expo Bonsai UK 2018 Show. Here’s what Harry had to say about them… “After many hours of editing my favourite images from yesterday’s Expo Bonsai UK 2018 Show in Harlington, London, England. The show had an incredibly high standard of trees and I was lucky to get some great photos!” We’re featuring some of Harry’s closeups here.  If you’d like to see photos of the entire trees, you can visit Harry’s bonsai4me website Note: If you’re wondering why we’ve put yesterday’s post up again today, it has to do with defective links in yesterday’s newsletter. Stay posted for today’s post… I took the liberty of cropping Harry’s photo of this Trident maple that belongs to Mark and Ritta Cooper. You can see the original photo of this tree and the other trees shown here on Harry’s bonsai4me website   Closeup of a Forsythia bonsai with its early spring flowers. The tree belongs to by Ian Warhurst. The pot is by Walsall Ceramics   Mugo Pine by Mo Fagan. The pot is from China   Scots Pine by John Turner. Japanese bonsai pot.   I cropped this accent planting to see if we could get a more abstract feel that emphasizes the colors. It’s by Corin Tomlinson. Like all the photos here, you can see the entire bonsai (or accent plant) on Harry’s website   Hawthorn bonsai by Warren Radford. Japanese bonsai pot. SPECIAL DISCOUNTS BONSAI…

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