Spindle from a nursery

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Growing Bonsai Blog.

Spindle In Februay 2014 I was visiting a tree nursery. Strolling around the nursery, I noticed a pile of pulled up trees that were obviously on their way to the compost. In the pile I noticed a tree I did not immediately recognize. Asking the owner did not help either. “a weed” was the answer. In any case. Asking the owner whether I could take the weed resulted in, yeah grab it, I do not want it. Minutes later the tree was cut down to a stump and in the back of my car. The fairly small young tree (about 4 metres tall) had a solid rootbase and nice fine bark. At home I potted the plant and waited for spring. As the first buds started to appear it became clearer, and budbreak in spring gave me certainty. A splindle, or Euonymus europaeus!

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