A World of Bonsai Creativity

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Hand held bonsai come in handy (so to speak). Without the hand, it would be difficult to say just how small this tree is. This little gem and the others shown here, look like Shimpaku junipers (Juniperus sargentii Shimpaku) I just stumbled upon a new one for me. It’s called DANY Bonsai. The translation is… “Danny small works. A world of creativity. Free and carefree.” Not a bad way to view the art of bonsai. Continued below… Deeply Discounted Bonsai Wire KILO ROLLS 17.95 ONLY 15.95 EACH FOR 3 OR MORE 500 GRAM ROLLS 9.95 ONLY 8.95 EACH FOR 3 OR MORE 100 GRAM ROLLS ONLY 3.95   Tiny bunjin bonsai. This pot is even smaller that the one above You don’tsee that many bonsai that are so tiny and yet so well developed. In fact, you don’t see that many tiny bonsai at all. Though some people lump all small bonsai into the group called Shohin, I think these qualify as Mame (Japanese for ‘Bean’)   Twisted! Looks like it might be ready for a bonsai pot that is just a tad larger than the ones above   Danny, free and carefree BIG BONSAI BOOK SALE ENDS SOON ENDS TUESDAY, APRIL 3RD AT 11:59PM EDT 30% TO 50% OFF ALL BOOKS plus FREE Shipping on Continental U.S. orders 75.00 or more –

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