Ficus ‘ExoticaJS’ initial styling

4 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Hunk Blog.

Ficus ‘ExoticaJs’, probably another cultivar related to Ficus salicaria, is a great material for bonsai. In 2013 I purchased a pre-bonsai and did an immediate rough styling. The first image shows the result of an hours’ trimming back. The second shot shows the tree rin 2018.  It is beginning to take a nice shape. I think a few more years of training and it will be an attractive bonsai. On the left after trimming it back quite hard. On the right the tree some 5 years later.                To learn more about growing figs buy the definitive reference work on Ficus for bonsai. The book is a softcover, 8 by 10 inch volume, with 144 color pages, containing detailed information for the beginner as well as the advanced hobbyist.                                                                Click here for more information

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