Majestic Bonsai Vista

4 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

You don’t see that many bonsai photos with such majestic vistas in the background. I don’t know where the shot was taken, nor do I know the variety of the tree but I do know that the photo and the tree are from Yoshio Nihei. Continuing from yesterday with bonsai we found on Magdalena Chiavazza’s timeline (we had trouble with the link yesterday, so I hope this one takes). Magdalena doesn’t offer the varieties (except for the Satsuki azalea below) but she is meticulous about the all-important attribution SITE WIDE SALE SEE BELOW   Seduction. Again we don’t know the variety but we do know that Magdalena found the photo on Martin Aloi’s timeline Here’s Magdalena’s caption with machine translation… Tonino Guarracino… Tú eres el autor de este hermoso ejemplar? Gracias!!!  You are the author of this beautiful specimen? Thank you!!! Magdalena provides attribution and link with this powerful Azalea… Bonsai-Satsuki Hans-Herbert BONSAI AESTHETICS WIRE KILO ROLLS ONLY 15.95 500 GRAM ROLLS ONLY 8.95 100 GRAM ROLLS ONLY 3.45 – Another one by Yoshio Nihei. I cropped it for a closer look at the main tree. The original photo is just below     Okay, not a bonsai but I thought you might like this anyway. Here’s Magdalena’s caption with machine translation and my comment…Bellisimo pastel en papel; Un paisaje muy bonito de la Artista: Martina Zingler. Beautiful cake*on paper; a very beautiful landscape by the artist: Martina Zingler. *The mind of a machine… pastel = pastry = cake 20% to 70% off Site Wide Sale* INCLUDES OUR FAMOUS ROSHI TOOLS quality materials & craftsmanship make for precision, durability and…

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