New Projects for 2018

2 years ago Nebby 0

Source: BonTsai Blog.

I’ve started quite a few new projects for the year, hopefully setting them on a path to become excellent bonsai in the future. Perhaps when I take them further in development I’ll give them their own designated posts but for now check em out.   Ficus Microcapra “Tiger Bark” (2014–) This tree was actually among one of the original bonsai I started with. It began as small cutting grown material from House of Bonsai in late 2014. I proceeded to repot it and let it grow freely for the year. Unfortunately the nebari on this tree was typical of the ikea two leg bulbous roots so in late 2015 I opted to ground layer  the tree and completely rebuild a new root system. This spring I’ll do further nebari work as well as give the first major cutback and preliminary styling. 2014 2016 Ground layer in progress, protecting new roots with foil The tree now: 2018   Hackberry (celtis occidentalis) The next project is a hackberry I purchased from Bob at Kimura Nursery. It was excellent material with lots of low branches to choose from, a decent nebari, and nice graceful taper. I cut back the main leader and will allow a low branch to run to give additional girth near the base. as purchased Leader cut, Note: use the putty type past for hackbery. Even in the winter after making the cut the tree still bled a lot compared to other deciduous varieties. The liquid paste will run off…

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