How to Live in a Teacup

4 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog.

First an apology. I promised the next post would be about juniper jin, and as you can tell, this is not that. Since this summer, the construction of a house has been my focus, which is partly why my posts this fall have not had their usual frequency. In lieu of the usual bonsai offerings, I thought I owed you at least the story of what I’m doing, and why. About a year ago I was ruminating on several things. The first was that I had another apprentice arriving soon (which would make 2), the second was that the rents in Portland, Oregon, USA are on the far side of ridiculous, and the third was that I lived alone in a suburban home with three bedrooms in it. The math wasn’t adding up. Years ago, when I was just entering graduate school (for ceramics, a former life) I thought that it would be economical if I built a small home for myself, bigger than a capsule room in Japan, smaller than a villa, and mobile. I never did that. Later, before buying my current home, I reinvestigated the idea of a micro home. The small living industry had made some leaps but for several unrelated reasons I didn’t make the leap then either. But the idea of living as a bonsai does, in a small space, and having everything you care about within reach, has appealed to me for a long time. This year I realized there was a win-win in…

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