Ficus microcarpa development of cuttings

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Source: Bonsai Hunk Blog. Here are two Ficus microcarpa bonsai of small size. Both were taken from cuttings from one of my large Ficus. They have always been in small pots so their growth has been slow. They are now more than a dozen years since having been harvested. The mother tree has provided many Read More

Colorful Long-Term Bonsai Projects-

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Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog. A couple weeks back we photographed all the Dwarf Flowering Quince ‘Chojubai’ that were looking fancy, as they all decided to bloom at the same time this year. Which is not textbook Chojubai, but it happened. Happy Holidays everyone, here’s some trees in their fancy clothes starting with three older quince, Read More

How to Live in a Teacup

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Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog. First an apology. I promised the next post would be about juniper jin, and as you can tell, this is not that. Since this summer, the construction of a house has been my focus, which is partly why my posts this fall have not had their usual frequency. In lieu of the Read More

How to create bonsai figs

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Source: Bonsai Hunk Blog. We all learn to appreciate thick trunked, massively tapered trunks in our first years in bonsai. I remember well trying to achieve this look with my trees and failing. I could neither afford nor find material that worked well for this style of bonsai. In the last number of years I Read More

First work on a Yamadori Yew ‘Pagoda’ style

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Source: Tony Tickle Bonsai Blog. Its always exciting when you tackle a piece of raw material for the first time, the element of discovery (and sometimes disappointment) seeing the image that you have in your head appear before your eyes is great. This tree was collected over 4 years ago, this is a tall thin Read More