Bonsai Tree Christmas Present Questions and Answers

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Source: All Things Bonsai Blog.

Bonsai Tree Christmas Present Questions and Answers If you thinking about buying a bonsai tree as a gift for Christmas, you may want to know a little about what to buy, when to order and how to look after the bonsai until the big day. Here are some bonsai tree Christmas present questions and answers which we frequently get asked.   Q:           Can I buy now and get delivery close to Christmas? A:            Yes that’s no problem. When you place your order with us, there is a space on the order screen where you can write a message to us. Its important that you let us know that you want delivery shortly before Christmas. If you give us an exact date, we will try to arrange delivery on that date for you.   Q:           Will the tree be ok in the box for a while or do I have to open it straight away? A:            Please open the box as soon as it arrives. You’ll need to keep the tree in a bright location (south facing window, conservatory, porch) away from the central heating. Chinese Elms can also be kept outdoors and are surprisingly frost hardy. They are fine down to about minus 10 degrees. You will also need to keep it watered until it is given. It won’t need a lot of water if outside but a little more if indoors. Aim to keep the soil evenly moist, like a damp cloth feels, by pouring water on, maybe with…

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