Before & After – a Remarkably Unusual & Beautiful Bonsai

8 months ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsaibark.


After. I'm going to guess that this distinctive tree is a Shimpaku juniper. No variety or artist/owner is mentioned by our source (below). I picked it because it is so remarkably unusual and beautiful. My only question is... is it unbalanced with the mass of the tree floating in space way off to the right? Another way of saying this might be... is the visual weight of the pot enough to counterbalance the strong bias of the tree to right?
I found this unusual tree at Thanun BonsaiBaison. It’s another piece of our current before and after series. Nothing much was done to the basic structure (major bones) of the tree. The transformation all takes place in the crown and the cascading branches. This work was clearly done by someone with advanced bonsai skills.
Continued below…



Before. Same bones but a crown and cascading section clearly in need of some help. What's that funny piece of deadwood (a little washed out in this photo) between the trunk and lip of the pot?



A closer look at the tree's bones and the restyled crown and cascading branches


baisonafterCUHere's a closeup of that aforementioned piece of deadwood. Is it part of the tree, or is it a piece of wood wedged in there to push the trunk away from pot?

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