Before & After – Same Artist, Another Bonsai

8 months ago Nebby 0

Originator: Bonsaibark


The striking results you see here involve the eye of an artist and the skill of a professional. In this case, Manuel Germade is both the artist and the professional. There's no mention of the type tree and I won't guess. The caption reads  "Manuel Germade Bonsai Maintenance - Rocco Cicciarello (Italy)" I cropped the before photo to eliminate distracting background clutter (see below)

Picking up where we left off with another before and after by Manuel Germade. Like yesterday’s post, Manuel takes on an already well established bonsai that has become overgrown. Also like yesterday, the process involves both ordinary maintenance and an upgrading of the quality of the tree.

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After. The planting angle has changed and a repotting is in the future



Close up of the deadwood



Before. With clutter (aka background noise). The foliage, especially on the lower left, looks a lot like spruce



Manuel doing what he does so well. Like yesterday, I was surprised to see just how large the tree is. For more before and afters and other gems, you can visit Manuel on facebook and on Yamabonsai


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