Root Over Rock Bonsai with Sherlock Holmes

8 months ago Nebby 0

Originator: Bonsaibark


Not exactly root-over-rock, but more like root-next-to-small-rock. Still, simplicity contrasted with a wild shape and texture make for a striking bonsai. By the way, I did not commit the sin of chopping off the pot, though I did adjust the image to take out background noise. All three photos shown here were lifted a social meadia post titled ‘Bonsai Indonesia‘ by Silky Jemiran. Silky lists the owner of this tree as Zhylonk Kiakiz Alfarizhy.

Sometimes tracking down the real owner of a bonsai that appears on social media requires the imagination and determination of a Sherlock Holmes. Even then, you can’t always be sure you’ve got it right.

The photos in this post origianally appeared in a Bark post titled Bonsai Indonesia & Sherlock Holmes from January 2011.

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There’s a lot going on here. Not the least of which are: some very distinctive aerial roots, good ramification, a perfect silhouette and an earthy handmade pot. Silky lists Wayan Suwendra as the owner.

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When I first saw the tree at the top of this post, I thought it might belong to Silky Jemiran. Then I noticed that he listed the owner. He also listed the owners of the two trees below. Problem solved. However, in many cases, the owner isn’t listed and you might assume (often incorrectly) that the person who posts the photos is the owner. This is where your inner Sherlock Holmes comes in handy.


Root-over-rock perfection. Everything works here; including the way the tree and rock merge and the way the rocks on the left mirror the sweeping horizontal branch. Then there's the well chosen pot that provides a sense of earth and balance. Silky lists Rudi Julianto as the owner.

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