“One Quick Glance at this Tree Brought Me to a State of Nirvana”

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Originator: Bonsaibark


A close up of a rather spectacular root-over-rock bonsai by Robert Steven (the entire planting is just below). Here's our original caption (from May, 2016)... Robert Steven has done it again. This time it's a perfect root-over-rock bonsai. Here's what Charles Bevan has to say about it: "This is unbelievably perfect. One quick glance at this tree brought me to a state of nirvana."

The three trees shown here are from Robert Steven’s timeline. No varieties given, and though we would rather know what they are, we can still enjoy simple bonsai beauty, with or without a name.

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There are root-over-rock bonsai and then there are root-over-rock bonsai. I think it is safe to say that I have never seen one quite as spectacular is this one. Nor one with such long thin roots supporting the tree. Robert's genius shine through.



Even though we don't know what the trees are, one thing we do know about this forest planting is that it is very large and that such a huge pot most likely cost a small fortune.


The foliage and deadwood indicate that this is a juniper. But Robert lives in the tropics, where I don't think you'd see healthy junipers (I guess it could be belong to someone who lives somewhere else?). BTW: where's the living vein?


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