Maple Kissing the Rock (Arce Besando La Roca)

8 months ago Nebby 0

Originator: Bonsaibark


That's a rock sticking out on the left side of this Trident maple. According to Juan Andrade, the maple is kissing the rock (Arce "besando" la roca)

We’ve been posting recurring themes these days. For example we’ve run a whole string of Before & Afters lately. Now with yesterday (another before & after) and today, the new binding factor is Juan Andrade. Juan is one of a whole host of young Western apprentices (Costa Rica in Juan’s case) who are studying or have studied in Japan. The photos and quotes shown here are from Juan’s timeline


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Front view, close up. Here's Juan's caption... "se planto así a propósito desde joven, y el arbol comenzó a "tragarse" la roca. Es un maplecito como de unos 50 años."
 And here's my rough translation... It was intentionally grown this way since the tree was young and began to swallow the rock. It's a little Maple about fifty years old 
The other side

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