Little Beans & Other Small Bonsai

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less2I think this one qualifies as Mame ('bean' in Japanese), a common word for the smallest bonsai. Both the tree (Pyracatha) and pot are by Haruyosi. 

I’ve been thinking about starting another series of posts on Mame Master Haruyosi’s tiny bonsai. However,  there are too many obligations today and no time today to put together a new post. The solution? Another journey back in time. This one was originally posted in November, 2013.

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maple1This little Japanese maple may be a little large for mame, but it's most certainly shohin (a category of small bonsai that includes mame). I love the free flowing feel of this little tree. I don't know who it belongs to, so if you know anything about it, please let us know (in the comments on facebook works).


One of Morten Albek's wee wonders. Of all of Morten's trees that I've seen, this has to be one of the very best.


I found this fat-trunked little Japanese black pine, with it's excellent burnished Tokoname pot, in Bonsai Smiths gallery.  It's obviously too big for mame and because we don't know the exact size, it may or may not qualify as shohin.


This brilliant little Persimmon (Daisuke variety, identified by Ryan Bell, Japanese Bonsai Pots Blog) is a bonsai that pops up all over the digital place. I think we've shown it four or five times here Bark.

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