Photographing Bonsai – Change Your Viewing Angle

8 months ago Nebby 0

Originator: Bonsaibark


This shot looking up into the tree accentuates the dynamic flow of the trunk and allows for a clear look at all its texture and other details. The artist, Mauro Stemberger doesn't identify any of the trees shown here, but it's safe to say Juniper with this one, though we won't guess the species.

All the photos shown here were posted by Mauro Stemberger under the title Change your viewing angle… In this case, the change involves a lower camera placement than what we are accustomed to. A placement that allows you to lookup into the tree in much the same way you might view a large tree growing nature.
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Could this powerful tree be a Norway spruce?

In most bonsai shots eye level is about one third of the way up the trunk (give or take). This straight ahead approach seems to make sense, but like many things that seem to make sense, it might be useful to reconsider. If most of the bonsai you see are in photographs, perhaps the prevalence of this straight on view is over-determining how you see and understand bonsai. Or maybe not. Either way, a fresh view never hurts.



I'm thinking this one might be a Yew. They seem to be in favor these days, and it's no wonder with so many good ones out there.

Now for the same trees, just a little closer…







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