Springs Around The Corner

5 years ago Nebby 0

Source: All Things Bonsai Blog.

Well folks its nearly here – Springs around the corner. It was actually warm in the greenhouse for the first time this year. As those of you who’ve been to the nursery here in Sheffield to see us know, me and Jude work inside our large greenhouse, packing orders in whatever the weather throws at us. The phrase “Its like working in a greenhouse” can sound kind of nice, giving impressions of warm comfortable days. Let me assure you, the reality can sometimes be very different. Its Baltic in winter. For most of the winter we have heavy coats on, along with fleeces, jumpers and couple of t-shirts. Plus (age related I suppose) it seems to get colder every year. On the flip side, in summer its boiling. At least in winter, you can stick another layer on. Due to enjoying beer and butties a little too much, I don’t look much good when I’m stripped off to the waist anymore but there comes a point when think sod it I guess. Anyway, spring is hopefully nearly here and its time to get busy with repotting most species of bonsai. Its an exciting time of year, as we get project trees out of plastic training pots and into smaller ceramic pots. Your trees should progress a little every year as you grow and develop them. Its positively thrilling when your projects turn from sticks and stumps into the beginnings of great bonsai and at this time of year, some of…

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