Bloesems / bloemen.

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Source: Danny Ginkgo Bonsai Blog. Amandelboom. Prunus mume, meerdere variëteiten (kleuren) op dezelfde boom. Dwergkwee. Corylopsis pauciflora. Amandelboom project. Prunus serrulata ‘Kanzan’, Japanse Sierkers. Prunus ‘February Pink’. Zeer oude Amandelboom (Prunus dulcis).               Read More

Viewing Stones for Sale

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Source: Sam and KJ’s Suiseki Blog. Eleven viewing stones are being offered by Paul Gilbert and myself.  You can contact me at and I will then forward your information to Paul.  His stones are the first seven and mine are the last four.  Let us know if you have any questions. Click the photo Read More

The 2018 Epcot Trees

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Source: Adam’s Art and Bonsai Blog. Well, some of you all may have noticed I didn’t give a report last year on the 2017 Epcot Flower and Garden/Bsf trees in the Japanese Pavilion. I do apologize (I had a few reasons, of which I don’t need to go into now) and I hope to make Read More

Time to Make Your Plans for a Celebration of American Bonsai

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Source: Bonsai Bark. This Colorado blue spruce won the All American Award (Finest American Species in an American Container, Displayed on an American Table) at the 5th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition. It belongs to Jason Eider. Just a friendly reminder… It’s time to make your plans. The 6th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition is the premier North American celebration of bonsai. Read More

Bonsai Pots, More To It Than Meets the Eye

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Source: How I Make Bonsai Pots Bonsai Blog. You’d think that once a bonsai pot was completed and taken out of the kiln, that would be the end of the process.But for me, that is probably about the half way point. There’s a list of things to do next.1.  Check each pot over for cracks Read More

Pinus sylvestris

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Source: Danny Ginkgo Bonsai Blog. Pinus sylvestris in een “Dansai” pot van Dan Barton. Deze pot heb ik reeds een 15-tal jaar in mijn pottencollectie. Nu is het de perfecte match. Read More

Where do roots like to grow? A look inside the pot

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Source: Bonsai Tonight Blog. For as important as roots are to healthy bonsai, we don’t often get a good look at how they grow in the pot. Few containers offer a view at what’s going on inside and we often disturb the roots with sickles or chop sticks when removing trees from their containers. I Read More

Natter night 12th March 2018.

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Source: Ronin Bonsai Blog. I spent a bit of time before anyone arrived to add some guy wires to my Dawn Redwood today, then did some fine wiring. —————————————————————- Taking shape. Job done, looking really good. ——————————————————————————– Ken M brought two Cottoneaster’s to be repotted. Plenty of room now for the new roots. This one Read More