Fat Trunks & Small Pots 2

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog. Bright yellow is a strong color, but I think this tree can handle it. The dense foliage and sturdy trunk are the keys. The artist is Tomohiro Masumi. No variety is given A few months ago we featured Tomohiro Masumi in a post titled, Fat Trunks, Small Pots. Now we’ve got Read More

Bill’s Blazing Backyard Bonsai Brilliance

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog. Bill Valavanis’ famous Full moon maple in all its glory I’ve been meaning to knock your socks off (do people still say that?) with these photos of Bill’s Brilliant back yard for a few days now, but wanted to get all the fact straight first. Turns out time isn’t on my side so Read More

Plum – with Fruit

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Source: Watto Bonsai Blog. One of the great pleasures of growing bonsai of the flowering and fruiting type is that you get to appreciate the significant changes throughout the seasons, bare in the winter, flowers in the spring, fruit in summer and leaf colour in autumn. Such substantial changes you do not get in conifers. Read More

Potentilla Bonsai, Before & After – As Fragile as Stained Glass

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog. Potentilla fruticosa before and after from Lakeshore Bonsai. There’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to styling and caring for Potentilla Yesterday we featured a couple little Potentilla, so let’s stay on theme. This one was styled by Aaron at Lakeshore Bonsai in Toronto. The following is quoted directly from Read More

Intensive Bonsai Program – Conifer Group A

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Source: Bjorn Bjorholm Bonsai Blog. This past weekend, we kicked off our Intensive Bonsai Program at Eisei-en with the inaugural Conifer Group A. Members traveled from all over the eastern US, from New York and New Jersey to Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Michigan and of course Tennessee, spending three days at Eisei-en focusing on aspects of Read More

Fertilizing bonsai and nutrient storage in fall

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Source: Growing Bonsai Blog. Growers of bonsai know: Trees have a lot of nutrients in their leaves. To get the plant to grow and make more leaves we spend a lot of time and energy providing the right fertilizer throughout the year. As soon as the tree is not getting the right blend of nutrients, Read More

Two Potentilla Bonsai & Two Brand New Books

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog. Would you ever guess that these two little gems are Potentilla? Both are sweet in their own way, and so’s the photo; the muted painterly background, the contrasting pot colors and contrasting dead and live wood on both trees. I don’t know what the little companion is, but I like it Read More

Brilliant Beech Bonsai & Tiny Companion

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog. Contrast! This shot has to go in our Bonsai Bark hall of fame photos (if we had such a thing). The big one is a Japanese beech (Fagus crenata) and the small one is unidentified, though it looks a lot like a Shimpaku juniper. Both belong to Mariusz Folda Suddenly we’re inundated Read More

Young Winter Hazel Structural Design—

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Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog. Although we create a lot of deciduous bonsai here, embarrassingly few of them show up on this blog. I’ll endeavor to include more of them down the road. One of the enticing challenges of deciduous bonsai is seeing the future tree in the young twigs in front of you. The process Read More

Tea Time – Best in Show

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog. Here’s the caption that was posted with this photo… “Congratulations Peter Tea, professional bonsai artist and instructor, Auburn, California, for judged bonsai competition winning Best Conifer and Best in Show (California Juniper) at the Golden State Bonsai Federation (GSBF) Convention 41, October 24-28, 2018, Sacramento, California – “Creativity Taking Flight”. Photo by Read More