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Source: Watto Bonsai Blog.

Where I live it gets quite cold for Australia during the winter months but this year it has been reasonably mild and I think this has encouraged a few trees to flower, perhaps prematurely. In any case it is very nice to have flowers at this time of year even if it is fleeting. When I say it has been mild, it was minus 5 degrees Celsius a couple of days ago, but there has not been been a period of sustained low temperatures and the days have been sunny and warm. Well, warm for this time of the year. The first tree is a flowering apricot which has produce just one flower. Of course I would like more but I hold out hope that in the coming years there will be plenty. The flower The next is a Rosemary and I believe that in a week or two this will be covered in flowers, but just in case there is a turn for the worst in relation to the weather, here are the flowers as of today. And of course the flowers

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