Bonsai spring cleaning and wiring

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Source: Growing Bonsai Blog.

Bonsai hawthorn after spring trim When developing bonsai, 2 elements are important. The shape and position of the branches and keeping fine branching alive. For both of these aspects springwork is important. In spring trees grow extremely fast for a few weeks. This may cause the canopy to get so dense that weaker branches die off. The branches that do survive shoot straight up without any interesting movement. By correcting the young growth directly in spring, one can use baby bending to get tight curves and fitting movements. Furthermore, by corrective trimming, weaker branches are supported. Why thin bonsai in spring? It is good to regularly thin out the canopy. This ensures sufficient light enters the inside of the crown to strengthen weaker inner growth and it encourages back-budding. Equally important though is the enhanced air circulation, reducing the risk of disease. Furthermore, it gives you a better view of any pests that decide to make your tree their home. Bonsai ulmus before spring trimBonsai ulmus after spring trim How to thin bonsai in spring When I see trees getting too dense I start by removing some leaves. This usually is when about 6 leaves have grown at each growing tip, but this depends on the species, Typically I remove the 2 oldest / innermost leaves from the branch. These are deep in the canopy and removing them will directly give you a much better view of the inside of the tree. Subsequently I verify each branch. In spring a…

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