Bonsai propagation by cuttings in spring

3 months ago Nebby 0

Source: Growing Bonsai Blog.

Arakawa cutting Propagation by cuttings is always tricky. Different species respond differently to timing and size of cuttings taken. Some prefer winter -hardwood- cuttings. Others root best when cuttings are taken very early in spring. This year I was thinning the growth on my Acer palmatum ‘arakawa’ and decided to try some cuttings. As I was taking cuttings anyway, I decided to get some from my trident too. In a previous post I showed how I go about taking winter cuttings. Spring cuttings are not fundamentally different. However, this really was a trial! This was in the second week of April: I do not remember taking spring cuttings this early in the year before! The maples in my yard were just turning from very young to more or less woody. The point at which I like to give my trees a spring wiring as within a few weeks the branches set. Note: This is probably a month earlier than normal: We have had a very early start of spring. In the yard I cut the recent growth from the tree with sharp scissors. I took the cuttings as close to the main stems as possible, trying to include the base of the original bud. To avoid the cuttings desiccating they were popped in a dish with water. Arakawa cuttingsArakawa cuttingGetting pots ready for cuttings The pots were filled partially with coarse substrate, mainly to avoid the fine substrate from washing out. The top 2/3 of the pot is filled with…

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