Restyle of Callistemon

1 year ago Nebby 0

Source: Watto Bonsai Blog.

It is time that I set this tree on its course, and that means it needs some restyling and a change of potting position. This tree doesn’t look its best during the winter as the cold weather alters the leaf colour but that is all part of the seasons and the beauty of bonsai. This tree was dug from a local garden in 2011 and I have had a few ideas on the styling but nothing ever really grabbed me. I am hoping with a few changes it will gain its rightful place in the collection. It has been a journey over a couple of years and started in 2017 when I took it to a workshop to get some ideas from other bonsai artists and I might say the result is/was a collaborative of a number of people who love Australian plants as bonsai. A couple of years after collection In 2015 it finally made it into a bonsai pot but I was still not that happy with its direction. Although it was healthy and flowered the design was not dynamic and the very straight trunk dominated. Its first bonsai pot Some major work at the workshop in September 2017 was the catalyst for the future direction of this tree. A start on the new direction A re-pot in October 2017 was the next step in the progression. With its new shoes on A few adjustments and wiring in 2019 convinced me that the tree orientation in the pot…

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