Ryan’s Bonsaiclopedia: When to Repot

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Source: Ry2Tree2 Bonsai Blog.

Source Material: March 2020          Hello bonsai people! Right now is an exciting time to be a bonsai artist in Seattle mainly because the repotting season has officially begun! But, another reason I have to be excited is that today is ALSO the day that I'm sharing my first "Bonsaiclopedia" article with you all. As someone with a scientific background, I envision this series as akin to a literature review article in science (or an encyclopedia ? ). I'll summarize important concepts based on my experience as well as based on other bonsai resources I can find. If another artist has already spoken at depth on a subject better than I can and from a more experienced perspective, I'll direct you to their work so you can do further reading if you like. Please comment below if there are resources that helped in your bonsai experience which I should be citing for others to find, as bonsai resources are certainly less centralized than journal articles are in science, so it is easy for me to miss useful sources.           It is crucial to prune roots in their optimal window because if roots are pruned at the wrong time, this is one of the easiest ways to kill your bonsai (aside from simple watering neglect). The repotting season also is a vague window that changes from year to year based on the weather, adding to the risk of confusion for beginners and tree death.…

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