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Source: Bjorn Bjorholm Bonsai Blog.

KOMOMAKI (菰巻き)If you have ever visited Japan, or perhaps Korea, you might have noticed straw-like wraps attached to the trunks of Pines and various other trees in the winter months. Are they there solely for aesthetic reasons, or perhaps do they serve a horticultural purpose? Well, aside from just looking cool and somehow adding a certain extra Japanese-ness to a nikawi (garden tree), these wraps, known as komomaki (菰巻き) in Japanese, are in fact utilized to control a certain pest – the Pine Moth (Dendrolimus spectabilis). Dating back to the Edo Period (1603-1868 CE), komomaki have been utilized by gardening professionals in Japan to attract the Pine Moth in winter. These pests spend the cold season nestled in the wraps, and in early spring before the caterpillars emerge, the komomaki are removed and burned. So how effective are the wraps? According to a study conducted at Himeji Castle in 2005, only about 0.3% of the insects trapped in the komomaki were the detrimental Pine Moth. The remaining 99.7% were in fact beneficial bugs. Effective or not, though, komomaki certainly add something a little extra to the garden in winter! The post Komomaki appeared first on Eisei-en.

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