Winter cuttings

9 months ago Nebby 0

Source: Growing Bonsai Blog.

It is the middle of winter. And you are thinking about trimming some of your trees. As you start clipping away, you realize that the tree has nice compact growth. Internodes are short. And the species is nice too. It is a shame to just toss away the branches, right? Japanese maple cuttings Fortunately, several species of trees can be propagated by winter cuttings, or hardwood cuttings. So if you are trimming your bonsai, and you would like to propagate some of your trees, here is how you go about it. Which species? It is important to realize that not all species work equally well, and some may not work at all. However, species that respond really well to this are from the following families: Forsythia, Cornus, Juniperus, berberis, buxus, Ilex, Ligustrum, Taxus, Malus, Lonicera. Some species grow so well from cuttings, that you can take very thick cuttings. Species such as willow, olive and pomegranate will root at almost every size as long as the right conditions are provided. Pomegranate cuttings However, in my case, I was trimming maples when I thought to take some cuttings. These are not known for successful rooting of hardwood cuttings. However, I have heard from some persons that it can be done. Furthermore, I had a bunch of Prunus Mume branches. I do not recall any success stories growing these from mature branches or even in general, hardwood cuttings. But.. having the material there, I decided to try whether it works for me.…

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